We provide comprehensive care in the field of gynecology and obstetrics for women from 15 years in our office.

  • preventive examination including examination with a colposcope on an electrically operated examination table using metal or disposable plastic examination mirrors
  • ultrasound examination by abdominal and vaginal ultrasound probe
  • birth control consultation – prescription and application of all kinds of birth control (injections, IUDs), possibility of inserting and IUD birth control under anesthesia (for women who are afraid of pain, after c-section, or for women who haven’t gave birth yet)
  • pregnancy consultation which includes an ultrasound examination and photo documentation
  • all laboratory examination both in gynecology and during pregnancy
  • prenatal examination
    • I. trimester screening (laboratory sampling + examination of so-called nuchal translucency scan), preeclampsia screening possible
    • II. trimester screening
    • specialist consultation ultrasound at any time during pregnancy
  • small gynecological procedures in general or local anesthesia in our own operating room
  • we perform outpatient hysteroscopy
  • major gynecological procedures – all kinds of procedures in gynecology and obstetrics are performed in the Municipal Hospital in Ostrava (abdominal and vaginal surgery, laparoscopy)
  • the possibility of having “your own” gynecologist during giving birth including c-section
  • cooperation with assisted reproduction centres while sterility treatment
  • cooperation with a geneticist
  • consultation with the endocrinologist
  • evaluation of samples – smears – from the cervix is provided by one of the best cytological laboratories in the world – Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. in Plzeň

We provide vaccination against cervical cancer in girls and women aged 9 to 45 years.

As the first ones in Ostrava we perform Thin Prep PAP test (liquid based cytology) – modern and highly reliable test for cervical carcinoma – see

We perform non-invasive screening examination of the most common chromosomal disorders of the fetus from the 11th week of pregnancy – TRISOMY test, Panorama test

We perform an occult (hidden) blood test.

We offer ONLINE reservation for examination, prescriptions, and other services

E-prescription – you can request the issuance of an electronic prescription (sending by SMS, email)
email for prescription order: